Meet The D4Science Team


Managing Direction

Management of scientific and managerial relations with the outside (public, private, European Commission, etc.). Definition of infrastructure strategies and policies.

  • Leonardo Candela

    Strategy and Portfolio Manager

  • Donatella Castelli

    Managing Director

Technical Direction

Definition of the technical and research lines of the infrastructure. Coordination of internal resources (personnel, hardware and software) and technical relationships with the outside. Coordination of pre-competitive research and development activities, technology transfer and training.

  • Pasquale Pagano

    Technical Director

Research, Development and Operation

Management of all activities of research, design, development, testing, release and operation of infrastructure services.

  • Massimiliano Assante

    Operations and VREs Manager

  • Roberto Cirillo

    Infrastructure and Release Manager

  • Gianpaolo Coro

    Data Analytics Manager

  • Luca Frosini

    Information System Manager

  • Lucio Lelii

    Framework and Data Storage Manager

  • Francesco Mangiacrapa

    Service Catalogue Manager

  • Giancarlo Panichi

    Data Management and Problem Manager

  • Fabio Sinibaldi

    Geographical Information System Manager

Availability and Information Security

Planning of the hardware needs for the calculation and connectivity of the infrastructure, its procurement and management. Automation of configuration, integration and deployment of services. Monitoring of compliance with the service parameters defined in the SLA (Service Level Agreement) of the infrastructure. Monitoring of compliance with the requirements of confidentiality, integrity, availability of the infrastructure.

  • Andrea Dell'Amico

    Availability and Capacity Manager

  • Tommaso Piccioli

    Information Security Manager

Project Management

Management of the budget and accounting requirements of the infrastructure. Resource planning in relation to the expected costs, time and quality. Management of technical contents in contractual relations with the outside

  • Franco Zoppi

    Project Manager

IT Collaborators

Strategic advice on using technology to achieve goals; Design IT systems and networks ensuring the right architecture and functionality; Understand communities requirements and business objectives; Undertaking data collection, preprocessing and analysis; Building models to address scientific problems.

  • Marco Lettere

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Mauro Mugnaini

    Senior Software Engineer