D4Science Virtual Research Environments and Services

D4Science offers free access to a number of Virtual Research Environments making available state-of-the-art services, tools, and quality working environments.


Bionym: a virtual laboratory supporting a flexible and customizable taxonomic naming matching workflow. It allows to activate several taxa names matching algorithms and to get the list of possible transcriptions for a list of species names with possible authorship indication by interfacing with authoritative data sources, e.g. Catalogue of Life, FishBase, World Register of Marine Species. This facility is consulted monthly more than 10,000 times.

Scalable Data Mining

Scalable Data Mining: a virtual laboratory designed to apply cutting-edge data analytics  methods to biological, ecological, and environmental data. The algorithms are executed in a distributed fashion on the e-Infrastructure resources or on local multi-core servers. Scalability is thus meant as distributed data processing but even as services dynamically provided to the users.


Biodiversity Lab: a virtual laboratory where biologists, ecologists, and environmental scientists can easily perform data access, data harmonization, data preparation and data analytics. It give seamless access to a rich array of species data from authoritative sources, e.g. GBIF, OBIS, and ready to use efficient versions of cutting-edge analytics tools, e.g. clustering algorithms like DBscan, CSMY to estimate maximum sustainable yield from a catch statistic.  

Tabular Data Lab

Tabular Data Lab: a virtual laboratory conceived to provide its users with a working environment supporting the collaborative management of tabular data, i.e. any dataset that can be represented in a table format. It offers a feature-rich suite to enable data managers to easily import, curate, analyse, and publish tabular data resources according to state-of-the-art data management practices.