Supported Projects and Initiatives

D4Science is supporting the operation of a series of diverse Initiatives, Communities of Practice, and Projects.

BlueBRIDGE intends to contribute addressing Blue Growth societal challenge by developing and deploying service-driven digital research environments, services and tools, that leveraging resources provided by existing EU and global computing and data e-infrastructures, support all phases of production of relevant information, from data collection, to integration and analysis, till publication of relevant ecosystem and socio-economical indicators.

Supporting the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management and Conservation of Marine Living Resources

D4Science is providing the iMarine Community with the resources to deploy and operate the iMarine Gateway and the underlying infrastructure. The gateway provide community members with a series of dedicated Virtual Research Environments and services supporting key and challenging scenarios of the application domain, e.g. the analysis of single individuals or groups of marine species to efficiently produce species distribution maps, the collaborative management (import, curation, analysis and publishing) of tabular data including catch statistics and code lists, the comparison of a set of scientific names against taxonomic reference lists including recognised ones like Catalogue of Life.




D4Science is supporting the Community by providing them with dedicated Virtual Research Environment enabling communication and collaboration among the community members. SoBigData proposes to create the Social Mining & Big Data Ecosystem: a research infrastructure (RI) providing an integrated ecosystem for ethic-sensitive scientific discoveries and advanced applications of social data mining on the various dimensions of social life, as recorded by "big data". 



D4Science is providing OpenAIRE-Connect project with VREs supporting the OpenAIRE-Connect project activities of interest to the members of the General Assembly, the Project Executive Board, and the Quality Task Force. OpenAIRE- Connect aims to provide technological and social bridges, and deliver services enabling uniform exchange of research artefacts (literature, data, and methods), with semantic links between them, across research communities and content providers in scientific communication. It will introduce and implement the concept of Open Science as a Service (OSaaS) on top of the existing OpenAIRE infrastructure, delivering out-of-the-box, on-demand deployable tools.




D4Science is providing the PARTHENOS Community with the resources to deploy and operate the PARTHENOS Virtual Research Environment and the underlying infrastructure. This community aims at strengthening the cohesion of research in the broad sector of Linguistic Studies, Humanities, Cultural Heritage, History, Archaeology and related fields through a thematic cluster of European Research Infrastructures, integrating initiatives, e-infrastructures and other world-class infrastructures, and building bridges between different, although tightly, interrelated fields.



AGINFRA+ addresses the challenge of supporting user-driven design and prototyping of innovative e-infrastructure services and applications. It particularly tries to meet the needs of the scientific and technological communities that work on the multi-disciplinary and multi-domain problems related to agriculture and food. It will use, adapt and evolve existing open e-infrastructure resources and services (AGINFRA, OpenAIRE, EGI, EUDAT, D4Science), in order to demonstrate how fast prototyping and development of innovative data- and computing-intensive applications can take place.

D4Science is providing the GEMex project with a dedicated VRE used as working platform by the project partners to facilitate discussion, collaboration, data sharing and general project management, providing a comprehensive suite of tools, which support a collaborative, standards oriented data publication environment. GEMEx (Cooperation in Geothermal energy research Europe-Mexico for development of Enhanced Geothermal Systems and Superhot Geothermal Systems) is a project of international cooperation in the geothermal field between Europe and Mexico, funded by Horizon 2020 EU framework programme for research and innovation.



D4Science is providing the DESCRAMBLE Community with the resources to deploy and operate the DESCRAMBLE Virtual Research Environment and the underlying infrastructure. The aim of this community is to develop novel drilling technologies for a proof-of-concept test of reaching deep geothermal resources and to contribute to a low-carbon European society.



D4Science is providing the European Geothermal Community with the resources to deploy and operate the European Geothermal Information Platform Pilot. This was developed in the context of the Geothermal ERA-NET project to provide the Community (i.e., scientific, political and industrial stakeholders) with a working environment demonstrating the benefits resulting from an effective and efficient information platform bringing together multidisciplinary data sources, cross-cutting scientific analysis, and innovative communication methods.


D4Science is providing the ARIADNE Community with the resources to deploy and operate the ARIADNE Virtual Research Environment. ARIADNE brings together and integrates existing archaeological research data infrastructures so that researchers can use the various distributed datasets and new and powerful technologies as an integral component of the archaeological research methodology.


EUBrasil OpenBio

D4Science is providing the EUBrazilOpenBio Community with the resources to deploy and operate the EUBrazilOpenBio gateway and the underlying infrastructure. The gateway provides community members with different applications enabling production of models on species distribution; seamless access to species data from multiple providers including specimen data and occurrence points; and management of taxonomies. The underlying infrastructure federates existing resources and tools  from European and Brazilian systems.



D4Science is providing the ENVRI Community with the resources to deploy and operate the ENVRI Virtual Research Environment and the underlying Spatial Data Infrastructure. This Virtual Research Environment is dedicated to provide environmental scientists with cutting-edge facilities for publishing, discovering, accessing, visualizing, and processing large geospatial datasets.


D4Science is supporting the Chimaera Community by hosting the homonymous portal and the rest of underlying services. This portal is a one stop center to access the three existing regional information systems about fisheries: WIOFish (a regional knowledge database on fisheries), StatBase (a fisheries statistical database), and FIRMS (the Fisheries and Resources Monitoring System which globally integrates regional knowledge on the state of resources, including SWIO resources).


D4Science is supporting the AquaMaps service provider and data managers by offering the facilities for efficiently produce the species distribution maps for more than 17,000 species of fishes, marine mammals and invertebrates.

D4Science is supporting the FishBase service provider by offering a powerful and flexible service (BiOnym) for the efficient discovery of species taxa names.